The Story So Far…

Anil Ramachandran | Batch of 1995

Doesn’t seem so far back …when we wished each other good luck in life on the last day of college…and with a mix of happiness and sadness moved to face the challenge called life…leaving behind memories which we thought we would never be able to relive again..!!

Who would have thought that the rickety old machines in the computer lab where we used to “Login” as Student/Student was going to play such a big role in making us relive our youth again…(Not that we are “old” now…:-) )

Word-star…Lotus123…Basic…not something the new generation would have ever heard of…well that was what was called Information Technology at that time in the early nineties!!

After we left college…good old Snail mails did keep us friends in touch but not for long…All getting too busy with life with little time to spare to write long letters..!!

Then the quirks of fate dumped us into the IT boom…opening the windows of technology…Windows versions 3.1, 95, 98, 2000 and of course the boon of the last century…the Internet..!! And a bunch of us jumped the bandwagon of e-groups in year 2000. Each batch starting their own…sharing pictures, thoughts, anecdotes and all the happiness of marriages, childbirths as well as sorrows of losing near and dear ones, with friends who everyone knew would understand..!

Never thought we would all be back in touch with each other as if we were still in college… feeling so young and fresh.. (Though the expanding girth and the receding/greying hairlines speak another story…) Now many of us have got married and have kids… Most of our spouses are in awe seeing the bonhomie our batches shared even after all these years..!!

And thanks to the internet….emails, e-groups, orkut and facebook….we started meeting more often virtually, we even got to know so many of our juniors who we never met but feel as if we knew them all along…!! This Alumni meet is one dream we been dreaming since so very long and to finally see it happen…nothing more thrilling than that..!!

Going back to the place , which no doubt even with its reputation of “Pink Floydish” old school techniques, did so much to mould our lives in whatever fields we chose…and we succeeded!!

We salute all the Gurus who have left their lasting impressions on us…..And who still remember us fondly even after close to two decades… Nothing can beat that feeling!! Long live our alma mater and Long live the Vellar Kovkats !! Best wishes for the Grand Reunion…a dream that has finally come true!!

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