AAIHMK : Building a community of alumni

The official body representing the alumni of the IHMCT, Kovalam is known by the acronym AAIHMK (Alumni Association, IHM Kovalam). It was formed on 26 June, 2010 and is registered under Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act.1955 and register no: T.1028/10.

The objectives for which the AAIHMK is established are: 

a) To create, foster and maintain union, friendship and fellowship among the former students of the IHMCT, Kovalam, Trivandrum. 
b) To maintain links between the Alumni and the IHMCT and to perpetuate their interest in their Alma Mater. 
c) To provide inspiration and guidance to the students of the IHMCT, through the experiences and achievements of the Alumni.
d) To enlist the interest and support of the Alumni in the improvement and development of the Institute. 
e) To institute Scholarships and awards and to promote any other object of general interest and usefulness.

List of Office Bearers 2010-11 (Ratified during GB meeting held on 14 August 2010)
  1. Chief Patron – Mr. K.V. Simon, founder Principal, IHMCT
  2. Patron – Mr. L.V. Kumar, Principal, IHMCT
  3. President – Mr. Ashok Kumar G, 1996
  4. Jt. President – Mr. K. Prakash, formerly HOD, IHMCT
  5. Vice President – Mr. Anoop Anil, 1994
  6. Vice President- Mr. Manju Sajith, 1996
  7. General Secretary- Mr. Soni Somarajan, 1995
  8. Organising Secretary – Mr. Pradosh Pai, 1993
  9. Jt. Secretary – Mr. Narendran VR, 2001
  10. Jt. Secretary – Mr. Anoop Nair, 2005
  11. Jt. Secretary – Mr. Ashwin Thomas 2006 batch
  12. Treasurer- Dr.J. Premchand, Faculty, IHMCT
  13. Jt. Treasurer – Mr. Pradeep Narayanan, 1996
  14. Executive Member – Mr. Devlal.S, 1994
  15. Executive Member – Mr. Ashok V.D., 1996
  16. Executive Member – Ms. Sini Pradeep, 1996
  17. Executive Member – Ms. Naveena Sanjay, 1994

The AAIHMK conducts Annual Reunion of the IHMCT, Kovalam alumni and the first reunion  was held in 2010,on Saturday, 14 August 2010. The Bi-yearly Reunion for 2014 has been decided by the General Body to be held on Saturday, 16 August at the IHMCT Campus.

Web: www.aaihmk.org

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